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Founding Contributors

We proudly and gratefully acknowledge our Founding Contributors who were instrumental in the creation of the New Hampshire Master Chorale.

Gary Allen and Sara McFarland-Allen
Marilyn Ambrose
Dawn Anderson
Jan Bass
Ken and Ellie Batchelder
Jacqueline and Brent Belanger
Pat Biron
Betty and George Bjerklie
Arline and Malcolm Bownes
Cindy Boyka
Dick and Paulette Brace
Chuck and Maggie Braxton
Jean and Gilbert Clark
John and Maureen Clark
R.E. Collins
Mike Corey
Bill and Nancy Dailey
Shelley Dal Pra
Beth and Doug DeCluitt
Allan and Marjorie Dehls

Ward D’Elia and Tom Samyn (Samyn-D’Elia Architects PA)
Mary Joanna DeWolf
Grace and Allan DiBiase
Maria DiNola
Peter Duffield and Anne French-Duffield
Pat Dugger
Luke Dupuis and Home Comfort
B J Entwisle
Wendell and Cheryl Farrell
Norm and Peg Farwell
Robert Fitzpatrick
Melody and Joel Funk
Kenneth and Barbara Ganem
Richard and Carol Gerken
Eddie and Micky Giunta (Café Monte Alto)
Nancy Grady
David and Deborah Graham (New Hampshire Music Festival)
Tom and Linda Gray
Dick and Pat Hage
Janice and Dan Hale (Hair Gallery)
Jeff Hanson and Phil Rider
Pete and Barbara Harris
Dawn Heiderer
Lynn Marie and Michael Hinchee
Cynthia Hogan
Richard and Ann Hunnewell
Sheila and Bill Hurst
Kay and Gerard Ives
Sally Jean Jensen
Susan Jepson
Peg and Seth Keller
Gail Kelley and Andrew Merton
Ann Kent
Wayne and Alice King
Helen Kitchen
Naomi Kline
Elaine and Tom Kondrat
Roger Kosits and Deborah Leonard Kosits
Dr. Russ and Melissa Kosits
Herbert and Barbara Lauterwasser
Trish and Rick Lindberg
Ginny Lovett
Lisa Lovett

Jim Lurie (Plymouth Furniture)
Laura Mamarelli and Jim Meryman (Innisfree Bookshop)
Pat and Spence Martin
Dorothy and Al Mather
Angela P. Matthews (Springer Fund)
Meredith Office Products
Lorrayne and Ray Mosher
Bev Newton
Barbara Nicholson
June and Harold Noreen
Marilyn Lyng and Daniel O’Connell
Don and Alice O’Connor
Anatole Paquette and Madelyn Symonds
Kit and John Peterson
Timmie and Bob Poh
Judy Pond
Tony and Mary Raymond
George and Marilyn Richards
Ken and Nance Ruhm
John and Priscilla Sargent
John and Carolyn Schoenbauer
Kathy Sherlock-Green
Robert and Ann Smith
Stephen and Judith Solberg
Alan and Ellen Soucy
Carolyn Soucy
Joan and Jack Stephenson
Carol and Rob Stewart
Sydney B. Stewart and Diane Potter
Jim and Ellie Stoddard
Hugh and Nancy Sycamore
Bradley and Daryl Thompson
John and Carol Thompson
Nathan and Lydia Torr
Binney K. Wells
David Zehr

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