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Season 21 Supporters

We are extremely grateful for the support we've received from the individuals and organizations below.   

Distinguished Benefactor ($10,000–$24,999)


Wonder Casino in Keene


Founder’s Circle ($2,500–$9,999)

GE Foundation

Dan and Jill Perkins

Carol and Rob Stewart


President’s Circle ($1,000–$2,499)

Jan and Ivan Bass

Dorothy Byrne

Café Monte Alto (Eddie and Micky Giunta)

Ed and Laura Cooper

Winnie Hohlt


Jean and Richard Knox

Deborah Leonard Kosits

Dr. Victor Parsonnet

Dorothy Smith

Springer Fund of NH Charitable Foundation


Patron ($500–$999)

Maggie Braxton

Bill and Nancy Dailey

Gwen and Steve Dunn

Goodwin Treadwell Photographers

Sasha Kuftinec and Mark Schwartzberg

Lisa Lovett

Meredith Village Savings Bank

Jeff and Kathy Parsonnet

David and Johanna Publow Fund for Music

Sydney Stewart and Diane Potter

Steven and Kelly Small

Constance Steiner

Cynthia Vascak

Bruce and Betsy Whitmore


Friend ($250–$499)

Hannah and Bryan Bessette

Charles and Judith Blood

Dave and Judy Corbit

Roger Ellsworth and Eva Nagorka

Kendra and David Goodwin

Lee and Katherine Larson

Blake Leister and Ed Doyle

Patricia Hage

Lisa Lovett (Dedicated to Joan Campbell Lovett)

Susan McKimens

Carl and Milan McNall

John Ratledge

Carolyn Soucy

Leah Stewart

Jo-Ann Wood


Supporter ($100–$249)

Cheryll and Mark Andrews

Carol Barr

Suzanne Boulter

Arline Bownes

Brett Branscombe

Jay Buckley

NH Center for Nonprofits

Oliver Caplan

Julie Carbone

Pete Carega

Debra Clark

William and Marta Clough

Alison Coady

Elisabeth Allen Cody

Jenny and Lisa Cooper

AJ Coppola

Deb Corr

Lynn Cox

Charlotte Cross

Nancy and Richard Danzinger

Suellen Davidson

Sally Davis

Roger Desrosiers

Katherine Donahue

Chris Doyle and Steve Mathes

Sarah Edmunds

Janice Edwards

BJ Entwisle

Scott Gilman and Katharine Tardiff

Peter Gross and Diane Garfield

Bill Gunn

Will Gunn

Barbara Harris

Cindy Hogan

Alex Hunton

Suzanne Jalbert

Kate and Adam Klingel

Herbert and Barbara Lauterwasser

Ginny Lovett

Harmony Grace Markey

Cody McDonnell

Debra and Kenneth McDonnell

Leslie McDonnell

Margaret and Boris Menkov

Margaret Merritt and Ronald Lawler

Lisa Niquette

Katherine Zeller Peterson, TTEE

Janet Poisson

Katrina Fisher

Judith Goodwin

Sharon Griener

Darlene Lyn Hartt

Susanne Hastings

Doug Hill and Alexandra Breed

Michael and Lynn Marie Hinchee

Richard and Anne Hunnewell

Kevin Kondrad and Eileen Curran Kondrad

Jesse Lewis

Sid Lovett

Rebecca Mansfield

Angela Matthews

Katie Meloro

Kenneth and Linda Miller

Kirsten Mohring

Jackie Morin and Shawn Holmes

Krystal Morin

Kendric and Nancy Munsy

Alice O’Connor

Helen Perkins

Judy Perrier

Michael Petrovic

Tim Platt

William Propp

Joan Rosenberg (in memory of Dubravko Matije Kuftinec)

David and Maryellen Sakura

Virginia Seng

Liz Sheil

Jennifer Zarutskie Sieczkiewicz

Karyl Silva

Shirley Splaine

Abigail Theberge (Dedicated to Krystal Morin)

Patrick Toy

Cynthia Treadwell

Kathleen Van Engelen

Lisa Wardlaw

Binnie and Bob Wells

Mary Williams

Terry Roper, Roper Real Estate LLC

Mitch and Nancy Rosen

Ken and Nance Ruhm

John Scheinman

Kathy Sherlock-Green

Marti Shoemaker

Carol Simpson

Daniel Stack

Justin Stratton and Ryan Picard

Candace Thayer

Jane Van Zandt and Allan Knight

Charles Wilkes

Chris and Ann Williams

Thomas Wilson

Nate Wotton


Member (up to $99)

Carolyn Ames

Brent and Jacqueline Belanger

Brianne Biastoff

Joanne Bickford

Eugene Bishop

PJ Blankenhorn

Nina Bonney

James and Constance Chesebrough

Patricia Childs

Leonard Coppola

Shelley and Dan Dal Pra

Christina DeMaio

Michael and Debi Dumont

Jennifer Farquhar

Brad Fernald

Cynthia Fisher

Nancy Ann Wilson

Mark Yasewicz

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